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…the days of picking a handful of keywords and putting all efforts toward becoming ranked #1 for those keywords are over. Competition is simply too high in all industries now; there’s always going to be at least one other brand doing it better and spending a higher budget than you.

A solid content marketing strategy aims to build your exposure for many long-tail keywords while also building brand awareness, authority, credibility, social media awareness, and conversion rates. It’s a “cast the net” approach rather than a “throw the spear” approach.

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Google Hummingbird: A Mobile Content Marketing Strategy Just Became Essential.

With Morgan Stanley analysts telling us that mobile will surpass desktop usage by 2015, website content must be mobile-friendly.

This means it’s even more crucial that your headlines pop, your content reads vertically, and maybe – breaking away for a second here from the common belief that longer is better – your blog posts are succinct, to-the-point, and light enough to read ‘on the go’.

Sairalyn’s Studio website designs utilize the WordPress blog platform to give you a leg up on developing your content marketing strategy. By utilizing the WordPress tags, categories, and other SEO features, it is super easy for you to optimize your site without any knowledge of code. Additionally, all of our designs can be delivered to the user in a mobile site format (albeit limiting it in fuctionality when compared to the desktop version). Beginnng in 2015, all Sairalyn’s Studio designs will be built using responsve design which will be compatible with the smallest smartphone and largest monitor.