Boosting Page Rankings Organically

In the game of web rankings, original content is king. Each indexed page adds another ticket to the great Google lottery. The more tickets you hold, the better chance of winning the top spot in the search engine rankings.

Your existing website includes approximately 20 static web pages. Once created, these pages rarely change. For a well-built site with all the appropriate code and metadata, the search engines will index and recognize ONLY these 20 pages of content as possible returns for the targeted keywords. And that’s where it ends for the life-span of a static website in the search for organic results. Once indexed, a well-built static site is limited to utilize Pay-per-click, external links and other paid advertising techniques to boost rankings.

One of the best ways to gain that top spot organically is by blogging. A blog does two important things in terms of the search engines:

  1. Adds naturally occurring, keyword-rich pages to be indexed.
  2. Increases the potential for incoming links from high-quality relevant and reputable websites. (If you write quality relevant content, other sites will link to your content in order to share the information. Think of it like citing references in an article or book. You want to be the one being cited, not the one having to site other’s work.)

When Sairalyn’s Studio converts your existing website into a WordPress Powered blog, each time you write a new blog post, it lives on your website and thus the new content is indexed by the search engines as a new page on your website. If one blog post is added per week, by the end of the first month, the website will have increased the number of pages originally indexed by the search engines by 20%. By the end of the first quarter, it will have almost doubled. All of the resulting keyword-rich pages are then able to return an increase in organic search results for FREE.

Other Blogging Tips to Boost Rankings

  • Be current. If the news media is talking non-stop about Ray Rice, write your own article complete with domestic violence resources and advice specific to the area you serve.
  • Pictures say a thousand words. If there is a video or photo that relates to what you are writing about, share it. While it may not impress the Googlebot, it may be more compelling for your readers and will keep them coming back to your website.
  • Get ideas from your audience. Use your FAQ section as fodder for more in depth articles. What questions are you constantly being asked?
  • Be consistent. If you decide to write articles once per week, make sure to do so. Once you develop a following of readers, they will come to expect consistency. A lack of it will have them searching elsewhere for the content.
  • Write catchy headlines. Leave the professional jargon out of the headline. Think of what titles will capture the attention of your target audience.
  • Give stuff away. Whether it is tangible giveaways for signing up for the mailing list or PDF versions of longer articles, everyone loves free stuff.