Yodle fees for “Adversite*”

One time STANDARD website build: $997

Monthly fee of $1249 to $2499 per month based on how many keywords you want to purchase for paid serach results.

Average annual cost: $15,985 – $30,985

*Adversites are essentially mobile optimized websites that are designed with clear calls to action.

Sairalyn’s Studio fees

One time CUSTOM website build starts at $595*

Monthly MAINTENANCE fee which includes content updates and design discounts of $15 to $145 per month based on the needs of your business.

Average Annual cost: $775 to $2,335

*Based on the number of pages 
**All SS site design come with the ability to “turn on or off” the mobile version of the website and follow all the same best practices of design that you may see on Yodle’s Adversites
***Beginning in Winter 2014-15, all SS sites will be build with a native responsive design which will eliminate the need for a mobile version